Mummy, I want to play in the sandbox.




  • Website: EXIT (Calgary)
  • Address60, 880 16 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2R1J9
  • Private Booking: Yes
  • Price: $25 per person
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Linearity: Linear
  • Group size: #small
  • Player Level: #rookie
  • Features:
  • Premise: “You and your friends have saved up enough money to finally go on the trip of your dreams – a visit to the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Once there, you sign up for one of the popular night tours and have now entered into this magnificent world wonder. Without realizing it, you and your friends have fallen behind the others in your tour group. During your exploring, you lean up against the wall when suddenly, it gives way.”


Service tenten tenten
Puzzles sixsix sevenseven
Look eighteight ninenine
Immersion eighteight sevenseven
Theme eighteight eighteight


Service tentenPAULIE

They were pretty busy with big groups so the customer service wasn’t as personal as when we did Ninja and The Lost Ship, but it was still excellent. They gave us shoe covers before we started for our shoes, which I’m guessing is standard protocol, but thoughtful nonetheless.


EXIT has super friendly and genuine people – shoutout in particular to our girl with the Aussie (…Kiwi?) accent! We wish we knew your name!

The lobby here is also super nice. There’s board games to play in case you come early, and there’s also a nice little café in the lobby where there’s bubble tea!

Puzzles sixsixPAULIE

Usually, there’s one puzzle that serves as a starting point to help you jumpstart your progress in a room.

Here, like Ben said, one of the puzzles was already opened, which threw our sequence off. Fine, technical issue, that shouldn’t be too bad. However, I found the rest of the puzzles to be frustratingly difficult, at least in our case. Maybe we were feeling off, maybe this room being advertised as one of the easier ones might have led us to let our guards down, or maybe it was the puzzle designs themselves.

This room depended heavily on searching puzzles, and because of the darkness, as well as the small size of the room, it was a little too hard to find what we were supposed to find.


Everything in this room was pretty straightforward. There was one puzzle that was already opened when we got into the room, so that threw us off a little bit since we did things in a bit of a weird order. We ended up backtracking to pseudo-complete that one puzzle anyway though.

One of my pet peeves is also the overuse of blacklight in escape rooms. Without giving away too much about this room, I think that it could’ve been implemented a little bit better.

Look eighteightPAULIE

I remember saying “Wow” under my breath when we first entered the room, and that was primarily because of the use of sand on the floor, which was a unique twist and totally added to the look of the room. The novelty does eventually wear off, and you realize the room is too small, even cramped. This is particularly because of the massive display in the center which doesn’t leave much room for a group of people to wander around.


One of EXIT’s strengths is how great their rooms look! I loved the sand in this room – and I loved how they offered shoe covers so sand doesn’t get in your shoes!

Immersion eighteightPAULIE

Consistent with their other escape rooms, this room was dark and loud. However, this room was also small. So loudness and darkness–usually factors that contribute positively to the feeling of immersion–when paired with the added feeling of pseudo-claustrophobia, almost become a nuisance.


When I think of immersion, I’m often thinking of how the look, the backstory, the music, and the puzzles all come together to make it feel like I’m really in the thick of things, and not just in an escape room. This room was pretty good at these things, but not exceptional.

Theme eighteightPAULIE

Most escape rooms have a variation of this theme, so it’s not unique. However, the puzzles and riddles were loyal to the theme, so it was still executed well.


I gotta admit – I’m biased towards Egypty and forbidden temple kinds of rooms. That said, I was pretty happy to finally try a room like that! There were a couple times in the room when we were interacting with things that were weirdly anachronistic, but I was pretty happy for the most part.

Overall PAULIE

silver-955496_960_720This room gets a #silver. Even if we did escape, I still would not have felt satisfied because the feeling of frustration was enough to outweigh the pros about this room.


I give this room a #silver. It’s not my favourite at EXIT (that would be The Lost Ship) but I would say this is a good room for first-time escape room goers. Remember to ask for hints if you need them!

  • Completed: July 23, 2016
  • Escaped? Yes (2 people)
  • Our Time: 1:00 (/1:00)
  • # of hints used: 3

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